VLad voskresenski

CG artist and interior designer specializing in stylish marketing visuals.
I work mainly with furniture brands and home accessories manufacturers such as Hansgrohe group, Amerisleep, Cinetto, Marrone, The Home Depot etc.
Invoicing from the UK.

Please enjoy my highlights below and feel free to contact me via info@voskresenski.com


Brand producing washbasin units is based in Moscow.
Inspired by the best examples of modern European design, this brand is confident at the edge of the bathroom industry in the CIS market. Marketing images are a critical factor for the company's management and, according to them, their images are now the best they have seen in the bathroom industry.


Italian factory producing sliding systems founded in 1940 by
Mr. Roberto Cinetto in Padua. I created interior styling and visualization for the key product lines of the factory that were highly praised by Tobia Cinetto, the current head of the factory.


ESS the company of Hansgrohe group, based in the Netherlands, is a major manufacturer of sanitary solutions with almost a century of history. The company's production is focused on high-quality metal products. I created a lot of scenes and stylings, on the sea and on land, and was glad to receive the following feedback from the marketing team: "We actually have one of your renders in our lobby, that’s how much we like your work."


A garden furniture company. Germany.


Based in London, UK. this brand is designing and producing a complete range of products for bathrooms.


I have created a lot of images for the company Amerisleep, which is perhaps the fastest-growing brand of sleeping accessories in the United States and regularly opens new showrooms in key cities. Forbes calls Amerisleep’s showrooms “The Apple Store of Mattress Stores.”
One of my tasks was to create large-format images that you can now see on the walls in all Amerisleep showrooms.


Heating equipment.
axent switzerland

Have challenged the conventions of kitchen design with a compelling blend of high quality craftsmanship, professional cooking performance and seamless ergonomic form, designed and made in Italy. Cooking station C3 has won the Archiproducts Design Award in 2020.

woodinc ca